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The education of the world class specialists for the inertial technology sphere is the important activity of LIGS. The LIGS has a large experience in the tutoring and lectures courses:

1989-92: China, Tsing-Hua University;
1989: Denmark, University of Copenhagen;
1990: USA, Ohio State University;
1990-99: Canada, University of Calgary;
1993: Germany, Stuttgart University;
1994,1995 Korea, Korean Advanced Institute of Technology.

39 people in Russia and abroad were graduated as Ph.D. cooperating with LIGS.


 LIGS distant education project

The in the cooperation with the Bauman MSTU is developing the distant education project

Three courses will be available:

Course 1. (basic)  :              Inertial Navigation Systems
Course 2. (basic)  :              Data processing techniques and algorithms
Course 3 (advanced) :         INS/GPS integration

All of the courses include the full LIGS knowledge on the related topic. 

The basic courses (1 and 2) can be learned independently. The advanced course can be proceeded after both basic courses are completed.

The course is divided by  the number of thematic Blocks . Each block includes Themes to learn. A Theme is the elementary unit of the educational program. It consists from:

  • Theory materials;
  • Tests;
  • Task for the student
  • Interactive "laboratory" software.

The estimated time of course availability is September, 2002