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We can bring to you a most reliable information on the Russian inertial technology situation and help to find the partners.

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Our papers
Starting from April, 2000 we've decided to make available from Internet selected items from our publications in both Russian and English.

The inertial technology is one of the most developed branches of Russian aerospace and avionics industry. The number of enterprises developed the equipment for Soviet and Russian space program, aviation, navy.
The consulting services of the LIGS keep the customer informed on the Russian inertial technology market situation, give the detail information about the new achievements in the sphere and help to find out the partner for the joint project development. The brief or detail reports concerning the technological, economical and business problems of the several factories promoting their activity on the territory of the ex-U.S.S.R. can be ordered.

Key Benefits
                Most reliable information on the inertial technology enterprises in Russia
                Find the partners for your problems solution
                Full figure of situation.
            Periodical reports are available
                Marketing survey
                Information research


Books75.JPG (26347 bytes)The LIGS works results were published and reported at the international symposiums Banff,Canada-1990,1994, Columbus,USA -1992, Stuttgart,Germany-1993, Bodler,USA-1995.
The 5 year experience of the LIGS was summarized in the book "Inertial Surveying: ITC Ltd. experience" ,170 pages, English. A new book  "Inertial Systems in Navigation and and Geophysics" now is issued. . The book summarizes the LIGS team experience in inertial technology and airborne gravimetry. In recent years, the worldwide GPS techniques propagation originated a new interest to the inertial navigation systems (INS). The  INS/GPS integration applications is connected with different problems of land navigation and surveying, GIS, geophysics prospecting. The book discovers the details of the INS navigation algorithm, gives an essential background of navigation data processing and introduces in INS the airborne gravimetry application.

LIGS also has a facilities to provide a publishing in the Bauman MSTU Press. The publishing services of MSTU Press combines the affordability with traditional academic-style printing quality.

List of our last publications :
1) Oleg Salychev. Airborne Gravimetry...— MSTU Press, 1995
2) Oleg Salychev. Inertial System in Navigation and Geophysics — MSTU Press, 1998
3) Oleg S.Salychev, Vladimir V.Voronov. Airborne Gravimetry Application of the Inertial Survey System. Scientific Report. University of Calgary, 1995.
4) O.S.Salychev, V.V.Voronov and all — A Russian Generation of Inertial Survey Systems—. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Kinematics Systems In Geodesy, Geomatics and Navigation, Banff, Canada 1994.
5) O.S.Salychev, V.V.Voronov, K.P.Schwarz and all: Determination of Gravity and Deflections of the vertical for Geophysical Applications Using the ITC--2 Platform. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Kinematics Systems In Geodesy, Geomatics and Navigation, Banff, Canada 1994.
6) O.S.Salychev, K.P.Schwarz and all . An Analysis of the Wave Approach to State Vector Estimation— IAG Symposium , Boulder Colorado , 1995
7) O.S.Salychev, K.P.Schwarz . Airborne Gravimetric Results from ITC—2 Inertial Platform System — IAG Symposium , Boulder Colorado , 1995

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