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The laboratory staff are the scientists and researchers formerly involved in the governmental projects connected with the design and development of the navigation systems, complexes, inertial sensors, control systems and the data processing software. All the leaders of LIGS have a Ph.D. degree in engineering and a long time practical experience in the field of the inertial navigation and automatic control systems. The LIGS's researchers are the holders of the more than 100 invention certificates regarding the different applications in the inertial technology field. The laboratory possesses the skillful programmer crew that allow to create the high performance software both real-time running and demo purposes. The chief of LIGS Dr. Oleg Salychev , professor, the member of International Association of Geodesy, International Statistic Committee, professor of the University of Calgary (Dept. of Geomatics Engineering), Canada, author of  5 books and more then 100 articles.

Oleg Salychev - professor, head of the Laboratory
Vladimir Voronov - Ph. D., chief sceintist-researcher
Vladimir Kozlov - Ph.D., associate professor
Alexey Levtchenkov - Ph.D., chief manager
Vadim Lukyanov - Ph. D., sceintist-researcher
AlexeyEgorushkin -Ph. D., chief software engineer
Maria Bagrova - postgraduate student
Leonid Gushturov - engineer-researcher

Alexey Levtchenkov, chief manager

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Born in 1960,

graduated in Moscow State Technical University, 1983

Ph.D. , 1990

Vladimir Kozlov

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Born in 1951

graduated in Moscow State Technical University, 1975

Ph.D. , 1982, associate professor

Alexey Egorushkin, chief software engineer

Born in 1969,
graduated in Moscow State Technical University, 1993

Works in software engineering for navigation and data processing, 
Ph.D. 1998, associate professor (2001)



Maria Bagrova, postgraduate student

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Born in 1974,

graduated in Moscow State Technical University, 1998

Works for strapdown INS alignment.



Leonid Gushturov, engineer-researcher

Born in 1973,

graduated in Moscow State Technical University, 1997

Works for strapdown INS calibration and gravity data processing software development.