Vladimir Voronov,  Ph.D.

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e-mail: vvv-mail@mtu-net.ru


1991 to present

LIGS chief software manager. Responsible for software development, data processing and real-time programming support.
1992 to present Airborne and Land-vehicle Gravimetry project software designer.
1996 First Ashtech GPS/GLONASS receiver field testing
1995-1997 GPS-INS navigation complex project: chief software manager on the real-time data acquisition and processing
1993 - 1994 Gravimetry project flight operator and software engineer.
1992 - 1993 Moscow Bauman Technical University postgraduate student. New gyro devices tests equipment and software has been designed
1992,1993 MSTU—Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) joint project. Land Navigation Complex tests operator and software designer.
1989 - 1992 Moscow Scientific Institute of Automatic and Control Systems Senior Researcher. Responsible for Land Navigation project software. Has designed a program complex for real-time INS and baroaltimeter integration.
1986-1989 Moscow Bauman Technical University Senior Engineer. Was involved in the gaz-dynamic gyros bearings research works. Participated in the gyro tests equipment design and investigation.
1980-1986 Graduated in The Bauman Moscow State Technical University